(Day whatever it’s 2014 already): Hello, you.

It’s 1:11am and I’m currently in bed trying to sleep but failing miserably.

Can I just catch up on what is currently going on/happened in my life haha (because apparently, I have self-absorption issues, and I have admitted this on here) (and because I have nothing else to talk about at this hour):

• Last semester was my highest regular semester qpi ever (at 3.25, and yes, I am very proud of that)
• I went to France this summer (to study + tour = study tour)!!
• I am currently half-way through my undergraduate education (yey, 1 more year!!!!!)
• I got my first academic A in a class I was very petiks in and hated (#boom)
• I’m almost out of my teen years!!!
• I actually finished my book list for the year (yes, I started with only 2 books, but I got past the 12-book mark; currently on my 18th out of 24, and it has proven to be the most difficult to surpass)
• I actually ran for office in one of the organizations I loved and won
• Still lack sleep but whatever haha

That’s about it, I guess. And I have to change some stuff around here. See ya


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