(Day ?): Saddest, Hardest, most emotionally unstable week of my life.

So second year, yeah? I hate it.

I don’t know how most of my friends in Davao survive more than 20+ units per semester, some even go for as high as 31, but they’re okay, I guess. I mean, I only have 23 now (46 for the year),  and yet, I’m already breaking down halfway through it.

I’ve been an emotional wreck since Monday, when I didn’t have enough sleep (see: awake for 21 hours) because I was studying for my midterms for my Philippine Politics and Governance class (also cut every class for that test), then didn’t sleep again because I had a report on Thursday for the same class which I had to do. Then, a long test for French which I prepared for (and barely passed) that made me even crankier.

Lastly, the crème dela crème of my week: failing my stupid Theo long test, which I studied hard for. Fuck my professor. I NEVER felt this way every for failing an exam, but why do I feel so angry for this one?

I ended up drinking with some of my guy friends, playing Rockband and staying up until 5am with them at McDonald’s, just playing and talking about Pokémon.

I think what did it was when I was forced to cut my NSTP because I didn’t wake up in time for it, and I was planning on using all of my cuts in September, so I am dredding my inevitable W for that class. *sobs*

I just kept crying most of today because everything has caught up with me, I guess. I cried and slept, but mostly cried.

I’m an emotional wreck right now, and I don’t want to bitch to anyone because I feel it would just make me sound bratty :\

I think missing home also contributes to this instability. My mom just called and texted me a while ago, and I cried at just the sound of her calling and texting.

I hope this doesn’t last though. I really need to concentrate and do well from now on, so I can get the grades that I actually want, despite my futile efforts even before this.


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