(Day 158): So, this is what being 18 feels like… And an adieu to summer.

It’s like being 5 again.
I’m not kidding. I’ve been buying a lot of kid-like stuff recently (from Winnie the Pooh coin banks to  those story books my family read to me when I was actually 5), and I don’t regret any of it, really.

I’ve been 18 for like, what? The past 4 weeks? Nothing has changed exponentially, despite everyone telling me that THERE’S REALLY A DIFFERENCE. Or am I just really weird not feeling the difference?

Anyway, I had summer classes for 5 weeks in the summer (no duh), and it was more exhausting than regular classes. Imagine running from the third floor of one building to the third floor of another. The walk (or run is most appropriate) is no joke (see map below). The people traffic is another problem on the way… Although, I had friends to walk with me, and we reckon that this will be the closest to physical exercise we’d ever get that summer, so it was (sort of) okay.


Do you see that? I have to get from one building to the other in under 10 minutes.

So yeah. I guess I have to go through that again this semester…




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