(Day 103): Important. Ish.

Since all of you lovely people here at WordPress (or those who have come across my blog somehow) read my very long, usually senseless rants about my life, especially the earlier ones, I would now like to hear from you people! šŸ˜€ Come on, please? šŸ™‚ Let’s just chat, or something. You could ask/talk about anything and everything (yes, that includes my life and yours lol), or criticize about the shit that I write. I won’t bite, and I like to read feedback from other people. Pleeeease? :3

Also, since most of what I put on here are my thoughts that I cannot and would not say out loud to most people I know, here are my dirty dozen, most of which I haven’t shared with the people I really know and love and all that, just because I feel like doing it:

1. I bite my nail ever since forever and now they look like bleh.
2. I talk about people behind their backs. Major flaw in character, but I am honestly working on it.
3. I’m horrible at accepting compliments. Like I just laugh loudly and redirect attention to other things.
4. In contrast to number 3, I rather think highly of myself, and think that most people are stupid.
5. I hate waiting for people, and rather let them wait for me.
6. I’m an impulsive book buyer.
7. I cry while watching Harry Potter, no matter how many times I watched the movies. Yes, even the earlier movies, where there weren’t that many deaths.
8. I judge people who type lyk dis on txt or chat bcuz der s such a thing as proper spelling.
9. I hate vague.
10. I sometimes imagine the most horrible things happening to people I do not like.
11. Wasn’t kidding about number 10.
12. I have major self-absorption issues, as seen in this post, as I have mentioned ‘I’ about a hundred times, as well as in my URL thing, well… You get the idea.

Want more? Here you go! šŸ˜€

13. I may exaggerate a bit. (See: number 12)
14. I like making up stories about my life.
15. I usually talk to myself when I tell those made up stories of my life.
16. I am the only one who ever hears those made up stories.
17. I easily get jealous.
18. I hate being wrong.
19. Despite usually denying it, I like reading erotic stories.
20. I cannot sleep between the hours of 3am and 4am because of some weird mumbo jumbo apparently going on in that hour.
22. I can be very judgemental.
23. Also: I tend to be a poor judge of character.
24. Lastly, my judgements are usually questionable.


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