(Day 103): Bittersweet

It’s my last day of being home today. Days like these make me hate leaving home in the first place.

For one, I have this bag to pack, which I haven’t started on yet. 
Two, I slept in the whole day and half of the afternoon.
Three, I have this batch of cuppycakes at my aunt’s house, that I have yet to claim.
Four, I haven’t seen anyone, literally, as I’ve locked myself in our room, for the duration of me being awake. 
Five, just like what I am presently doing, I cry a lot because of the most random shit that would remind me of leaving home. 
Six, I’ll miss my bed.
Eight, I’ll miss the home-cooked meals everyday.
Ten, I can sleep all day if I want to (NO SCHOOL.)

I admit, being away from home sucks big time, and I’ll miss everyone so much, but as the title suggests, it’s a relief to be away, or I’m glad I’m leaving tomorrow.

One, I get to see my college friends again.
Two, it’s kind of weird, but in the recent years, I always missed school during the summer, and this year is no different.
Three, McDonald’s is just around the corner.
And four, it will be summer again in 5 weeks for me.

I’m really not that excited going back, but there are its perks. 
Although, I missed one, but I don’t know which category ‘the reactions of the people when my high school friends introduce me as their friend from THE Ateneo de Manila’. But I admit, it is quite entertaining and embarrassing for me, so heh. 

I’ll miss home, but being away has given me a whole new perspective in how I see life, and how I live mine. I guess, I really don’t feel very homesick as much as I hoped I would. Mainly, it was because of the people I hang around with a lot. They give me a sense of being at home away from home, despite knowing them for barely a year now. 

But, I hope I’d be home soon, like in time for my birthday. It’s just not the same, really.


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