(Day 99): I don’t know where I’ve been the past 5 days, but hello.

So, some of my high school friends and I went somewhere to go for a swim at a pool we haven’t been to.

For days leading up to the trip, there were a lot of discussions about what to bring, where we will meet, how we will get there and back again, the usual. Then, a friend who is a semi-frequent visitor of the said pool said (non-verbatim, as will every “quote” be), “Only bathing suits, boardshorts, dive suits and swim trunks  are allowed, so don’t wear jerseys or shirts or anything inappropriate for swimming.”

Then, there was this conversation about swimwear that sparked that really caught my interest, that I had to smack my head, and slow-clap at the same time. 

Friend one: “Why?! I wear singlets all the time at pools… Nobody ever said it was inappropriate..”

Friend two: “That’s because no one said it, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate.”

Friend one: “So it’s not appropriate?  all these years i believed it was.. lol I thought swimsuits were for the ‘elite’ and for those with nice bodies.”

Friend two: “That’s what you get when a first class facility is introduced to third world countries.”

You know, I’m not belittling them or anything, but for some of the smartest people I know in my early academic career, some of these people can be so ignorant at times… 

I mean, I love them, really, I do. 

It’s just that, like Friend one up there, s/he said that s/he wears jerseys all the time at pools and all, and I can attest to that, that everytime we have a pool party, s/he wears a jersey, but a closer look (well, a few glances, really) at the rules is that they really don’t allow jerseys or any like the ‘first class’ pool we recently went to.

It’s just that the recent pool had stricter rules, and even stricter people to implement them. I really agree with Friend two, it’s “what you  what you get when a first class facility is introduced to third world countries.” I mean, this is why my country can’t have really nice things, because most people would just ruin it and asdfghjkl

so sorry for my incoherent shit tonight, it’s just I think I owe you at least that much tonight


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