(Day 94): How long has it been?

So, I’m back to having little to no sleep again. It takes me back to around this time (SUMMER)  every year since 6th grade when I’ve wasted all of my time on the internet ever since my father introduced me to it in 5th grade. When the Wi-Fi is its usual crappy self, I still waste all of my time on my laptop, that was again introduced to me by my father.

And if he’s reading this (which I really hope he isn’t): Yes, dad, I’m blaming you for every moment I’m awake when I should be sleeping, so you should not be angry at me every time you catch me awake at 3am.

I’ve wasted my time on Facebook, Twitter, Tetrisbattle, Tumblr, and I just recently re-discovered my love for Fanfiction, which all of my time has been devoted to these past few days. 

Speaking of which, I realized that I kind of missed reading fanfics lately, since I have forgotten most of the stories I’ve read in the past but did not finish, as well as the authors that I’ve been following. 

I discovered this magical treasure back in the summer before my first year of high school, and have been known to stay up until the wee hours in the morning just reading them. I guess I lost the magic when I became I junior, when I had to up my game a bit.

In all honesty, I’m glad I get to waste my time (not really time wasting) on fanfics (or staying up late in general) because it’s much better than going out somewhere and wasting money for a shitload of stuff, yes? 


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