(Day 89): Tis the season of Easter

A friend sent me this text earlier:

Harlem Shake Trivia: If you try to reassemble the name Harlem, it will become M-E-L-R-A-H, [a]n Egyptian word which means ‘Son of the Devil’.

“Be cautious in patronizing music.”

So, not that I’m being so anti-Christ or anything (which I am so not), nor that I’m saying that my friend is wrong or anything, but isn’t this stand just too narrow-minded? I mean, yeah, Melrah does mean ‘Son of the Devil’ (according to Yahoo! answers – because they are so right), but it’s not Harlem’s fault that when it is spelled backwards, you get the mother****ing Egyptian name of the son of the devil.

Not to burst her bubble or antagonize the Lord or anything, but Harlem Shake got its name from Harlem, a neighborhood in the New York borough of Manhattan, where it first became popular among its people. I mean, there’s no deep, divine, theological meaning to this, but merely a coincidence, right?

And as a reply to my reply, she said:

“Anyway, as Christian[s,] we just wanted to inform. You’ll never know what the enemy is plotting. [T]he enemy works in different ways and its better to be prevent than to be sorry. [W]e are just informing and its up to you guys if you will respond.”

To be honest, I don’t know what she means by ‘to prevent’. Prevent what? Being lured by the devil through Harlem Shake? How is flailing limbs and senseless thrusting going to lure you to the dark side? Lord Voldemort offering cookies seems more plausible in luring me to the dark side than Harlem Shake.

As I said, I’m not anti-Christ. I’m a Catholic, albeit not really THAT deep into my religion, and I  actually serve the church back in the Ateneo whenever I am available through my organization. I attend the org’s prayer sessions and bask in the love of God during Mass, but my friend’s claim is too ignorant that I just had to say something about it.

Also, Happy Easter everyone! Praise the heavens for Jesus Christ, the son of God has Risen!


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