(Day 89): How is it possible to get sunburn when I’ve been stuck at home for the past 3 days?

Normally, when it’s the holy week, I just laze around at home, watching TV or sleeping all day, but this year, I told myself it would be different; that I’d go out and about doing the things that people do as tradition during holy week like visit churches or do the stations of the cross or something. 

Well, that did not go well as planned. 

It’s now Easter Sunday, seeing as it’s already 3:06am, and I’ve yet to sleep, it’s tradition to go to church this early to hear mass. And what am I doing? Going through my Math prof’s graduation pics and arguing with my English blockmate about Awkward (TEAM JAKE FTW!!). 

I guess, no matter how being away changed me, when I get home, I revert back to my old, lazy ways, and despite my promise to go to church more, I didn’t on some of the days of obligation in the Roman Catholic Church. I guess you could tell that I’m pretty much guilty about this right now, so I better head to bed, if I want to catch any mass at all today, most especially the one that my little cousin is the commentator in. 

Oh well, Doctor Who will have to wait. NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! 


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