(Day 85): A note to my future self.

27 March 2013

Hello, future me,
Currently, we’re at home (finally!) for the next 3 weeks until we go back to school for summer classes and we just came home from watching ‘The Croods’ with some of our high school friends and our little sister.

Anyway, the point of this whole letter is that we just survived your first year of college. Or did you really?

I just don’t really know how I will be able to get through everything right now. Despite what I tell myself, that I love everything that’s going on right now, I can’t help but to hate it as well. I know you know that we didn’t really excel at Math during this time (but I hope that will change by the time you read this). Plus, the bouts of homesickness that you feel most of  the time we’re alone to our thoughts. Kung ganito pa lang ang pag-iisip ko ngayon, ano na lang kaya pagdating ko sa lagay mo? Makakarating pa ba ako diyan?

Will we really reach everything that we’ve been dreaming of? Be very active in the orgs you’re joined? Be a Dean’s Lister? Kahit ‘di consistent, okay lang. Plus, after college? What will we do? Can we still do it? Will our dreams of working for UNESCO or UNICEF come true? Most importantly, will Lolo and Mommy be able to see their ‘other bunso’ graduate and receive her diploma from THE Ateneo? I really hope so.

Despite my fears, I still want to congratulate you for surviving our very first year of college: Manalang’s Math lessons and death-defying LTs in , Torres and Araneta’s classes in BI 6/7 and ES 10/12, respectively, for going through Lopez’s fun and very green stories and discussions in FIL 11, and Jacobo’s legendary mood swings but enlightening discussions in FIL 12, for the mountains of paper we’ve written and finished on time, and all the all-nighters we’ve done for Rivera’s EN 11/12 and Tacujan’s LIT 13/14.

I also congratulate you for surviving, in general. Sabi mo sa sarili mo, ‘di ka aayaw, kahit na malayo ka sa pamilya mo. Diba kinaya mo naman? Well, may tatlong taon ka pang pagdaraanan!

Sana, you won’t forget this little girl who’s writing this letter to you now: the very kulit little girl, the one who procrastinates a lot, who loves Harry Potter (who still wishes that she will still love Harry Potter by the time you read this again) and the little girl who misses Davao very much and can’t wait to go home and see everyone she loves once again.

Although, I still have a lot to ask you, but I just don’t want to think of it at the moment.
I hope that we’ll last long enough to see this again. Good luck with everything! Take care, okay? Live long and prosper, my friend. I’m always here for you. 🙂

your 17 year-old, first year-going-second year self xx


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