(Day ??): Almost there.

Hey, you. It’s 11 October 2014 and it’s 3:18am (at the time of this typing).
Yay, you’re half-way through your third year of college! And, you woke up because your roommate’s such a big ahole and walks like she’s got bricks for feet. But anyway…

If you’re reading this somewhere along the years: please look back.

By this time in your life, you start to question everything that you’ve been doing for the past 2 years, and you’re simply lost: “Why the fuck did you decide to take European Studies?” “Why didn’t you shift when you wanted to?” “Why did you leave home?” have been recurring questions out of the many you have in your coconut.

And don’t get me started on your org life. Honest to goodness, what the fuck were you thinking? Yes, it’s fun and dandy, but girrrrrl! Never make that mistake ever again, please. For my sake and mostly yours.

But all that matters is we’re almost there and you’ve survived it, partly-unscathed. Next week’s gonna be finals week, and you’re one step closer to freedom.

Yup, it was hard; Yup, you had a lot of sleepless night; Yup, you cried a bunch of times, and probably a few emotional breakdowns along the way but I hope that it was all worth it in the end. I hope we turned out great.  You turned out great.

Well, I’ll be seeing you. Don’t be a stranger!

PS: I hope by now you’ve learned how to budget your money properly, because we’re shit broke at this point of the month. And shit, if your bag’s still a mess, I swear I will come back for you.


(Day ~264??): 22 Septembre thoughts

Today’s gonna be a long day, I can feel it now. And it’s only 5:31am. I shouldn’t even be awake right now, if only I had slept at all, but I have to finish (as of this writing, I haven’t finish) a paper which is due in less than 4 hours; I have class in less than 3. I’ve been up since 12 this afternoon, and haven’t done anything productive for the next 6 or 7 hours.

I don’t know what I’m doing with my life anymore. This is the worst semester ever, and I cannot wait for it to be over.

(Oh, and happy birthday, Tom Felton!)

(Day whatever it’s 2014 already): Hello, you.

It’s 1:11am and I’m currently in bed trying to sleep but failing miserably.

Can I just catch up on what is currently going on/happened in my life haha (because apparently, I have self-absorption issues, and I have admitted this on here) (and because I have nothing else to talk about at this hour):

• Last semester was my highest regular semester qpi ever (at 3.25, and yes, I am very proud of that)
• I went to France this summer (to study + tour = study tour)!!
• I am currently half-way through my undergraduate education (yey, 1 more year!!!!!)
• I got my first academic A in a class I was very petiks in and hated (#boom)
• I’m almost out of my teen years!!!
• I actually finished my book list for the year (yes, I started with only 2 books, but I got past the 12-book mark; currently on my 18th out of 24, and it has proven to be the most difficult to surpass)
• I actually ran for office in one of the organizations I loved and won
• Still lack sleep but whatever haha

That’s about it, I guess. And I have to change some stuff around here. See ya

(Day ?): Saddest, Hardest, most emotionally unstable week of my life.

So second year, yeah? I hate it.

I don’t know how most of my friends in Davao survive more than 20+ units per semester, some even go for as high as 31, but they’re okay, I guess. I mean, I only have 23 now (46 for the year),  and yet, I’m already breaking down halfway through it.

I’ve been an emotional wreck since Monday, when I didn’t have enough sleep (see: awake for 21 hours) because I was studying for my midterms for my Philippine Politics and Governance class (also cut every class for that test), then didn’t sleep again because I had a report on Thursday for the same class which I had to do. Then, a long test for French which I prepared for (and barely passed) that made me even crankier.

Lastly, the crème dela crème of my week: failing my stupid Theo long test, which I studied hard for. Fuck my professor. I NEVER felt this way every for failing an exam, but why do I feel so angry for this one?

I ended up drinking with some of my guy friends, playing Rockband and staying up until 5am with them at McDonald’s, just playing and talking about Pokémon.

I think what did it was when I was forced to cut my NSTP because I didn’t wake up in time for it, and I was planning on using all of my cuts in September, so I am dredding my inevitable W for that class. *sobs*

I just kept crying most of today because everything has caught up with me, I guess. I cried and slept, but mostly cried.

I’m an emotional wreck right now, and I don’t want to bitch to anyone because I feel it would just make me sound bratty :\

I think missing home also contributes to this instability. My mom just called and texted me a while ago, and I cried at just the sound of her calling and texting.

I hope this doesn’t last though. I really need to concentrate and do well from now on, so I can get the grades that I actually want, despite my futile efforts even before this.

(Day 158): So, this is what being 18 feels like… And an adieu to summer.

It’s like being 5 again.
I’m not kidding. I’ve been buying a lot of kid-like stuff recently (from Winnie the Pooh coin banks to  those story books my family read to me when I was actually 5), and I don’t regret any of it, really.

I’ve been 18 for like, what? The past 4 weeks? Nothing has changed exponentially, despite everyone telling me that THERE’S REALLY A DIFFERENCE. Or am I just really weird not feeling the difference?

Anyway, I had summer classes for 5 weeks in the summer (no duh), and it was more exhausting than regular classes. Imagine running from the third floor of one building to the third floor of another. The walk (or run is most appropriate) is no joke (see map below). The people traffic is another problem on the way… Although, I had friends to walk with me, and we reckon that this will be the closest to physical exercise we’d ever get that summer, so it was (sort of) okay.


Do you see that? I have to get from one building to the other in under 10 minutes.

So yeah. I guess I have to go through that again this semester…




(Day 157): Nobody Compares To You. Yes, Another Photo Thing as my comeback of sorts…

(Day 157): Nobody Compares To You. Yes, Another Photo Thing as my comeback of sorts...

‘Cause no one ever looked so good
[…] and it hurts
‘Cause I know you won’t be mine tonight.
No one ever makes me feel
like you do when you smile.
Baby, tell me how to make it right?

Now all of my friends say
it’s not really worth it.
But even if that’s true,
No one in the world could stop me
from not moving on, baby, even if I wanted to.
Nobody compares to you.

(Yes, that’s a One Direction song appropriate for this)